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In a world that is increasingly driven by technology, it is essential that your library adapts and evolves. We understand the unique needs of libraries and offer a complete range of customized ICT solutions to transform your library into a modern and efficient knowledge center.

The library of the future

The modern library is no longer what it used to be. It has become a dynamic, multifunctional space where people can learn, work, explore, and connect. At BeeSmart, we understand this transformation and are here to assist in creating the library of the future.

At BeeSmart, we combine innovative technology with a deep understanding of the library sector. Whether it's managing user profiles, automating time-consuming tasks, or providing user-friendly payment and printing solutions, we offer the tools and services you need to transform your library.

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Public workspace

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Visitor counter

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HoneySmart Kiosk

Payment kiosk

Innovative solutions

Welcome to a world where libraries are transforming into modern knowledge centers with the power of technology. Our revolutionary HoneySmart Kiosk is the solution libraries need to take their services to a whole new level. With one advanced system, we offer you a range of features to enhance the library experience for your users.

Performance and partnerships

We are proud to collaborate with more than a hundred libraries in Belgium and the Netherlands, including renowned institutions such as the Royal Library (KB), the Forum in Groningen, and the library in Rotterdam. We take care of the public environment at the KB and work together to optimize our software through thorough 'pen tests.' Thanks to this collaboration, we can improve our software and subsequently implement these improvements in other libraries.

Partner in library innovation

At BeeSmart, we are here to help you realize your library vision. We believe in the power of innovation and collaboration to transform the library experience. Are you ready to take your library to the next level? Contact us today and discover how we can support you.

A comprehensive solution supported

by a smart database.

Living room of the municipality

The contemporary library is a dynamic, multifunctional meeting place and a center for lifelong learning. It has become much more than just a place to borrow books – it is the living room of the municipality.

Payment solutions

At BeeSmart, begrijpen we dat bibliotheken veel meer zijn dan alleen boeken. Ze zijn een belangrijk knooppunt voor leren, ontdekken en groeien. Onze geavanceerde betaaloplossingen zijn ontworpen om jouw bibliotheek aantrekkelijker en efficiënter te maken, zowel voor bezoekers als voor beheerders.

24/7 self-service

Discover the world of knowledge on your own time, whenever it suits you! Open+, a 24/7 library, where the doors never close and the world of books, information and inspiration is just around the corner.

Everything safe in our cloud

In the rapidly changing world of libraries, it is essential to stay ahead and evolve. BeeSmart brings the future to the library with powerful cloud solutions that elevate the service to new heights.

Data driven innovation

As a leading ICT organization, we understand the crucial role that data plays in modernizing libraries and enhancing their services for the community.

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Your innovative library experience

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are the keys to innovation and growth. BeeSmart aims to always be open to new ideas and work together with libraries, municipalities, and other stakeholders to improve public services and strengthen society as a whole. Contact us and discover how we can work together on the development of smart and innovative solutions for the library and municipal world.

BeeSmart presents

HoneyCube 3.0

The HoneyCube 3.0 is an interface developed by BeeSmart for controlling local peripherals using an RFID or barcode scanner. This allows the device to be released based on payment and/or authentication.

With our HoneyCube 3.0, you can quickly and easily top up credit and make payments. Additionally, it is possible to copy and print for both members and non-members.

Service flexible and tailored

At BeeSmart begrijpen we dat elke klant unieke behoeften heeft. Daarom bieden we een Service Level Agreement (SLA) op maat, afgestemd op jouw individuele wensen en eisen. Of er nu behoefte is aan uitgebreide ondersteuning buiten de reguliere kantoortijden of specifieke servicevereisten voor jouw unieke bibliotheekomgeving, wij staan klaar om aan al jouw behoeften te voldoen.


Service Level Agreement

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BeeSmart is a complete provider of ICT solutions for your library


Cost savings and peace of mind

BeeSmart helps you innovate safely, collaborates on processes, and ensures continuity in your library

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